Achieve Your Dream Bathroom with Porcelite’s Bathroom Remodeling in Baltimore, Maryland

Transform your bathroom into a place of beauty and luxury by calling Porcelite today. We are the foremost and oldest-established bathroom remodeling company in the Baltimore/Washington DC metropolitan area – and one of the oldest in the country.

We specialize in bathtub, tile and shower refurbishing. Our methods can make even the most cracked, worn, stained, rusted and damaged surface look brand new – accomplished at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Why spend a fortune on a messy demolition when you can call the experts at Porcelite for bathroom refinishing near Washington, D.C.?

Comprehensive Bathroom Remodeling Services

Porcelite LinersPorcelite offers a range of services to suit your individual needs and budget.

Custom Bathtub Liners

Our bathtub liners are placed over the existing bathtub without disturbing the plumbing. We manufacture our own high-gloss, high-impact, solid-core bathtub liners in our shop in Beltsville, Maryland. Each one is custom-made for your bathtub and even replicates the subtle designs of the skirt. We are one of only six companies in North America that manufacture bathtub liners and the only one that also offers full bathroom remodeling services, including bathtub liner installation. This is what makes our prices unbeatable; we do not outsource our product or deal with a middleman. We are 100% local. This also allows us to have far quicker turnaround and greater responsiveness than large franchises.

Wall Surrounds

Our wall surround systems work in a similar way to our bathtub liners and are made using a similar material. Each wall surround is measured precisely to fit the dimensions of your shower or bathroom walls. We offer both flat-panel and simulated-tile models. A bathtub liner and wall surround combo is by far the cheapest, most attractive and most hassle-free method of refurbishing the majority of bathrooms. The durability of these products is second-to-none. The warranty exceeds that of even a new bathtub!

Professional Refinishing

In addition to liners and surrounds, we also do bathtub and tile refinishing. Our process produces a hard, durable and glossy surface over the refinished area. The material is highly resistant to impact and chip damage. If the surface is cracked, rusted or chipped, Porcelite will remedy the problem before applying the finish at no additional cost. The result is a bathtub, shower, sink or tile wall that looks and feels like a brand new porcelain fixture.

We offer a wide variety of services for bathroom remodeling in Baltimore, Maryland. We also offer a wide range of accessories such as drain/overflow kits, shower caddys, safety grab bars, soap dishes, etc.

Porcelite also has extensive experience with ADA-compliant handicap shower conversions.

We also service antique fixtures such as clawfoot bathtubs and pedestal sinks.

Starting a bathroom remodeling project? Contact us today for a free consultation. We have proudly served our customers in the Baltimore/Washington DC area since 1961.