Bathtub Liner Installation Adds New Life to Your Tub

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Liners & Wall SurroundsA common misconception about bathroom remodeling in Baltimore, Maryland, is that a worn or damaged bathtub often cannot be saved and must be replaced. This could not be further from the truth. Our bathtub liners can redeem even the most severely damaged, worn, rusted and abused bathtubs. The result is nothing short of miraculous. Replacing a bathtub is a very expensive, messy and time-consuming project. Our bathtub liner system will save you time, headache and, most importantly, thousands of dollars out of pocket. No demolition work is required, and the vast majority of our projects are completed in less than a day.

We manufacture our bathtub liners from quarter-inch solid-core vinyl to provide a high-impact, high-gloss finish. They fit over the existing surface and can last 20 years or more, which is greater longevity than even most modern steel bathtubs can claim!

Affordable, Custom-Made Bathtub Liners

Bathtub liner installation will not change the look of your tub - they are custom-made at our facility in Beltsville, Maryland from our inventory of over one hundred molds. Virtually every make and model of bathtub is represented, and our liner forming system will replicate even the subtlest curves of your bathtub.

Porcelite prides itself in being the only company in North America that both manufactures and installs its own bathtub liners. We do not outsource for our product and instead manufacture locally. This is how we can guarantee the lowest price for liners and wall surrounds in the Washington, DC area - no middlemen, no negotiation with a third-party and no double markup.

Our liners do not chip, peel, crack, or stain, and are not affected by acid or bacteria. This makes them easy to maintain for decades, and the solid-core material is virtually invincible to physical damage. This durability makes them very popular with hotels, apartment complexes, landlords, property managers and realtors. Every installation comes with a new drain and overflow fixture, and new silicone caulking around the tub’s perimeter. Our bathtub liners are HUD tested and approved. (ANSI Z124 in HUD Bulletin 73-M).


Bathtub Liner Before


Bathtub Liner After

Local Service, Quick Turnaround, Experienced Professionals

We don’t use any paint or offensive, dangerous chemicals in the process, which eliminates odors and keeps downtime to a minimum. Our ability to manufacture our liners and wall surrounds locally allows for prompt turnaround. From your first phone call, to the initial estimate and measurement to the actual installation, the entire process happens within one week compared to the 4-6 weeks as quoted by our competitors.

Our bonded technicians are no ordinary handymen - they are specialized bathroom remodeling tradesmen with a combined decades of experience in the field. Our bathtub liners are installed in a precise and timely fashion. A typical bathtub relining takes only a few hours and the bathtub is ready for use the very next day.

Don’t bother with a new bathtub installation. Instead, contact us today to get faster, more affordable results with our bathtub liners. We have proudly served our customers in the Baltimore/Washington DC area since 1961.