Reasons to Fix Antique Bathtubs

If you own an antique bathtub, you should consider investing in a high quality antique bathtub restoration service from Porcelite-MD! Vintage bathtubs are difficult to find and if you do find one, they can cost a lot of money. The replacement of an antique bathtub can also be extremely expensive and destructive to your home because you have to tear out the entire tub, make sure the piping is still intact, and then pay for a new bathtub. It is also a waste to replace an antique bathtub because they were crafted with durable materials and originally built to last. With high quality care from our professionals, your bathtub will be restored to look brand new. Save money and your antique bathtub with the help of our experts at Porcelite-MD!

Our expert repairmen at Porcelite-MD utilize only the best materials and techniques to provide the results you want. We will remove the old and worn surface of your bathtub and resurface it with a glossy new finish that is guaranteed to last and be easy to maintain.

To learn how you can schedule an antique bathtub refinishing in Baltimore, Maryland, and surrounding areas, please give us a call today at either (301) 595-9131 or (888) 556-7810!

We also proudly serve areas in the Baltimore and Washington D.C area!