Save Time and Money with Our Wall Surrounds

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Liners & Wall SurroundsPorcelite's wall surround systems are an excellent alternative to messy tile and grout work. The material is similar to our bathtub liners and boasts the same durability. Both flat-panel and simulated-tile models are available for bathroom refinishing. Our simulated-tile retains that classic tile look while completely eliminating the hassle of maintaining grout - no more chips, flakes or mildew!

Though most customers choose a wall surround to fit over tile walls, they can be used over any substrate, including drywall and ceilings.

Custom-Made Wall Surrounds

Wall surrounds can cover from the floor to the top of the tile, to the ceiling, or both the walls and the ceiling. We can also replace your plumbing fixtures to update the entire look of your bathroom. A new soap dish is included with bathroom refinishing in Baltimore, Maryland, but you can also add on corner caddies, towel bars, and safety bars depending on your needs and personal preferences.

Any existing water damage or leaks will be repaired by our technicians before the wall surround installation, free of charge. The design and manufacturing process is normally done in one week depending on the specific configuration of the bathroom (since no two bathrooms are exactly alike), but installation only takes one day. Like our bathtub liners, no harsh chemicals are used and your bathroom is ready for use the next day.


Wall Surround Before


Wall Surround After

Porcelite also has extensive experience with ADA-compliant shower conversions. Many of these projects incorporate our wall surrounds.

Do you want to fix your shower walls but don’t want to waste the time and money required for a tear-out? Contact us today to learn more about our customized wall surrounds. We have proudly offered bathroom remodeling in Baltimore, Maryland, and the Washington, D.C., area since 1961.