Why Acrylic Polyurethane Wall Surrounds Are a Great Choice

bathroomIf your bathtub or shower walls are worn out looking, a more affordable way to make it look brand new is with Porcelite Enterprises’ acrylic polyurethane wall surrounds.

Cost Effective

Instead of commissioning a complete renovation, which can get extremely cost and time consuming, having a wall surround installed will give you great results with half the waiting time! The reason is because Porcelite’s wall surround systems do not require tile and grout work. Instead, we offer a gorgeous titled look without any chips, flakes, or mold. With our expert workers, you can have your bathroom looking like new in no time! Once the design you need in your bathroom is decided on and your custom wall surround is created, installation takes about a day.

Easy to Clean

Acrylic polyurethane is not only durable; it is also easy to clean with little maintenance required! Our wall surrounds are resistant to everyday wear and tear so you won’t have to worry about most cracks, chips, or discoloration.

Custom Sizes

Our wall surround systems are not only beautiful looking and easy to install, they can also come in customized sizes and widths.


If you are interested in a wall surround installation or any other service for a bathroom refinishing in Washington, DC, and other areas in Baltimore, give the experts at Porcelite Enterprises a call today at (888)556-7810.