Why You Should Choose Porcelite for a Bathroom Refinishing in Washington, D.C

At Porcelite- MD, our experts make it their top priority to ensure our top notch bathroom refinishing takes all the stress out of your bathroom renovations.

Nothing to Fear

The idea of getting a bathroom refinishing can be overwhelming but with the help from our experts, any bathroom remodel or refinish can be easy and stress-free. At Porcelite, we have a process that will make bathroom refinishing in Washington, D.C., one of the easiest upgrades you’ll ever do.

How much time have you spent scrubbing your bathtub or cleaning it with harsh chemicals with no results? How many times do you get out the caulking gun, hoping a quick fix will mask the mold on your bathtub and tiles only to discover you were wrong again? With our services for bathroom refinishing in Baltimore, Maryland, and surrounding areas, we can ensure that your bathroom will look good as new.

What Separates Porcelite From the Rest?

Our process for bathroom refinishing is unique, and Porcelite professionals have mastered it — we’ve been using it for over 50 years. Like our professionals and our techniques, we only use the best materials. With a Porcelite MD refinished bathroom, your bathtub and tiles will be clean, shiny, and chip-resistant.

To schedule your free consultation and estimate for a bathroom refinishing in Washington, D.C, and nearby areas, please give the experts at Porcelite a call at (301) 595-0131. Bathroom refinishing doesn’t have to mean bathtubs and tiles need to be replaced. In no time at all, you’ll be washing that stress down the drain in your newly refinished bathroom, wondering why you waited so long to make the call.

Getting rid of the grime can be sublime!